Search Engines that can connect disabled people.

Despite significant progress towards ending disability discrimination, barriers such as stigmatization and internet access prevent disabled people from accessing life-improving resources. One of WeVersity’s goals is to break these confines and bridge the gap between employers and the disabled. Jobsites are free tools that compile work opportunities and even tailor their search engines to match your needs! Read below to find which jobsites work best for you.

  • Indeed hosts a massive catalog of jobs for fully abled and disabled people. Their site lists jobs from 100+ countries and offers countless tools to find your perfect match. 
  • Glassdoor is to Indeed, but also presents salary information and reviews from current or ex-employees. 
  • Although Google is a search engine, if you want an extensive list of jobs from varying platforms, you can search for your desired occupation then add the word “job”. 
  • is a jobsite made specifically for disabled people. They allow users to find opportunities suited to their specific disability, and even offer virtual options for select jobs.
  • hosts many services- search engine, jobsite, agency, and live support! The site is made and staffed by disabled people, and their services are explicitly for disabled people. 
  • (US residents only) lists federal jobs that open their employment to disabled adults.
  • Workink (Canadian residents only) connects disabled adults and adolescents to jobs, trades, and apprenticeships. The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work offers email and text support to assist your journey. 
  • The Disability Job Exchange directly connects employers to disabled adults searching for jobs. They offer a large catalog of remote and virtual opportunities. 

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