What is WeVersity, and Why Should You Support Our Mission?

Rows of homeless shelters, people struggling to find work, mothers unable to support their children- how many times have we witnessed these tragedies? And how many times have we stopped to help those in need? So our team began to ponder the aforementioned and asked further how we connect these disenfranchised people to the resources they need to thrive? After extensive planning, we finally devised a solution: WeVersity. 

WeVersity rests on three pillars: education, coaching, and employment. A common theme among disenfranchised groups is a lack of agency, specifically the inability to make independent decisions. Our detailed lesson plans are tailored to unique demographics such as homeless individuals and single parents. This information paves a fruitful path, and our educational tools leave our learners with competitive resumes. WeVersity’s coaching division involves personalized training and assistance to ensure that individuals are maximizing their potential. For most, their fruitful paths ultimately lead to employment, where they gain agency in the form of an income. Even after individuals complete their path at WeVersity, our coaches and volunteers ensure that you remain financially secure and performing at your best. 

As of now, WeVersity hosts lessons and daily articles to assist individuals. The international marketing division works tirelessly to spread the word about our mission. Still, WeVersity’s plans extend far past what we have currently accomplished. This is where our donors step in. Donors provide the resources necessary for our organization to expand. There is only so much that volunteers and dedicated coaches can achieve. An investment in our goal is an investment in communities nationwide. No matter the size of your offer, consider donating to our organization. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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