How WeVersity Builds a Competitive Resume.

With education becoming more accessible to the masses, a competitive resume has never been more important. WeVersity strives to connect students to the resources they need to stand out. 

So what makes a competitive resume? provides these tips:

  • Use keywords! Most employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes before taking a closer look. Therefore, long, drawn-out sentences should be replaced with concise keywords when possible.
  • Include a LinkedIn profile if possible. Resumes usually don’t exceed two pages, so a profile allows employers to learn more about you. In addition, adding a profile increases your chances of landing an interview. 
  • Simplicity is key. Colorful resumes can be a deterrent to some employers, and verbose resumes decrease your chances of passing the ATS. 

As previously mentioned, WeVersity uses its platform to connect individuals to resources and ensure they successfully enter the workforce. However, these ideas are more than just dreams- hosts numerous events, courses, and articles. 

So what exactly is WeVersity doing to meet their goals?

  • Our comprehensive English language course offers students a skill they will use for a lifetime.
  • Accounting and financing basics are available for beginners and experienced students.
  • Several courses on visual arts- ranging from graphic design to piano playing!
  • Training courses such as communication (ESL, Business Writing, Business Communication, etc.), business ethics, social media management, etc
  • Data entry courses for transcribers, coders, typists, receptionists, etc. 

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