Partnerships and the WeVersity Computer Drive!!

If you are a business owner or city representative, this is your opportunity to help those in need! WeVersity is currently looking for partners in our national computer drive. Many of our students struggle to find internet access, so providing a device that best suits their needs puts them one step closer toward education. 

Here’s how your city or business can help:

  • Send your business’s used or unwanted computers to WeVersity. 
  • Encourage local libraries to partner with WeVersity and donate unwanted computers
  • Encourage employees to send their unwanted computers and computer accessories. 

As previously mentioned, WeVersity students that lack reliable internet access may have trouble accessing our full catalog of information and courses, in addition to accessing other resources available on the web. In an increasingly digitizing world, internet accessibility is imperative to most modern activities. The computers acquired will be distributed to students struggling with internet and computer accessibility. WeVersity also plans on partnering with local libraries and businesses to further extend the reach of our mission. These venues will distribute our computer donations to the disadvantaged members of their community.

As thanks for supporting our cause, WeVersity gladly offers to pay the shipping costs for any donations. We appreciate your support and your dedication to uplifting those in need.  For questions or additional advice, please visit our website or email us at

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