Three Ways to utilize WeVersity’s graphic design course!!

Are you interested in becoming a graphic designer? WeVersity’s graphic design course covers a variety of skills, ranging from digital editing to user research. This article highlights many jobs that demand skills taught at WeVersity. If any are of interest to you, visit our website and take part in our free course! This article highlights three jobs that demand skills taught at WeVersity.

1. User Interface Designer

Average Salary: $78,080 annually

User Interface Designers develop web pages and ensure that consumers have a positive experience interacting with the page. Some positions may require you to conduct user research for app development. After development, the site may be remodeled or edited to meet the demands of your user base.

2. Multimedia Designer

Average Salary: $57,645 annually

Multimedia designers create art and interactive content for a variety of mediums. These designers are usually employed to create video games, commercials, TV, film, and advertising. Although postsecondary education isn’t required for entry-level positions, employers tend to favor artists with degrees or extraordinary talent.

3. Photo Editor

Average Salary: $16.32 per hour

Photo editors manage the photos needed for web or print publication. Not all editors take the pictures they edit- some search through catalogs or change existing images. For jobs that need digital alterations, proficiency in digital editing applications is necessary. Adding a catalog of your previous works may increase your likelihood of being hired.  

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