Meet WeVersity’s Teachers

WeVersity’s coaches play an integral role in our site: they build our courses from the ground up and assist students through our tutoring service. So why not learn a little bit about them? This article highlights WeVersity’s four coaches and their contributions to our mission.

Ryelle French is an achiever and non-profit enthusiast. Her primary language is English.

Syed R. Haider is a biomedical scientist and medical writer. He also consults and writes fiction.

Raza Khan is a multiple startup CEO with proficiencies in English and Urdu. He sports several educational achievements, most notably MBA, BSBA, and MIS degrees.

Tom Gerencer is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with more than 70 million readers worldwide. He has written over 1,500 articles, some of which can be found in the Boston Globe Magazine, Fast Company, Outdoor Life, Costco Connection, and

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