Update to WeVersity’s Computer Drive!!

WeVersity’s national computer drive distributes electronic resources to students without reliable internet or computer access. If you or your business are interested in contributing to our missions, here are some ways you can help!

  • Find used computers in your house! If you own computers that are functioning but not in use, feel free to donate them!
  • Scout for unused computers in your workplace! Companies frequently update their electronics, so inquire if an inventory of unused computers exists. 
  • If you own a business that sells electronics, consider donating your obsolete computers and computer accessories. 
  • If you own a business or manage workers, encourage your employees to donate used or obsolete computers. 

As thanks for supporting our cause, WeVersity gladly offers to pay the shipping costs for any donations. We appreciate your support and your dedication to uplifting those in need.  For questions or additional advice, please visit our website or email us at admin@weversity.org

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