Allah Says

In the Name Of Allah, Dear Friends Aslam o Alikum, today I would like to share my views related to the feelings of the new generation such as many people today are upset and frustrated. Some are anxious for employment, some for a better future. But when it comes to hard work, no one honestly works for their future. We want to be the most successful people in the future, but when it comes to hard work, everyone is reckless. Today you all spend hours on Facebook but no one has a few moments for your future. Friends, it is still time to understand, otherwise, there will come a time when you can read the loan to use the internet package to use Facebook. The Qur’an says that for man there is only that which he strives for. And man will surely be rewarded for his labor. So pay attention towards your future, work for your future, work for your family, work for your nation, and also try to work for your country your

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