A Journey from Learn to Earn.

Macrocosm of Opportunities.

It is Important to address symptoms and it is very encouraging that thousands of organizations are focusing on those symptoms such as poverty etc. WeVersity make it self distinguishable from others on finding solution to that root cause which include replacing poverty with education, begging with earning, employment with unemployment, and Skills with exhort. WeVersity Provides you with a purpose of Life not to sit idle but to utilize the axe of skill in order to make yourself predominant on life’s matter to question.

Vision of WeVersity: To bestow individuals with multiple technical and non-technical skills so that the depressed ones may come out with flying colors in professional fields to make themselves up to the mark. Also to make them enable to start earning from the comfort of your home in a couple of month.

Mission of WeVersity: Our mission is to reach out those individuals who can not afford remote education, are unable to find jobs and also powerless to cope with fast and furious growing world to provide them with education, training, and coaching and allow them to start the journey of their living.

What Skills We render: Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Writing and translation, Video and image Editing, Art and Designing, Electronic and repairing courses, Ethics and Professional development, Healthcare services and research laboratories skills, Digital literacy, Forex trading, E-Commerce management, Computer Networking, Personality Development, Goat and sheep farming, Business Administration and much more.

How to become Part of WeVersity.Org? 1. Click here to the Link on go to the main Website Interface. https://www.weversity.org/ 2. Register yourself as a Student. 3. Click on Popular Courses and choose the course of your interest and start learning. 4. After taking up the course register yourself to take exam. 5. Two exams of business English and business Ethics are mandatory to attempt and also attempt the exam of your respective course. 6. After Attempting exams immediately inform us and contact us at 0321-6302762 Tehreem Tariq 0301-9787732 Sohrab gul. 7. In the very last step join Whatsapp group of WeJob.Org via Link https://chat.whatsapp.com/GGWGOnqeC11Ka6pFfCZeOn from where your Journey of earning and success will start.

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