Our Aim

Education is a continuous lifelong process. The aim of weversity.org is to provide direction to the process of success. We set a greate aim for the nation of Pakistan such as there are different aims of providing skills like web devlopment, social media marketing, graphics designing, computer networking, e-commerce and many other non technical skills… Continue reading Our Aim

Welcome To WordPress Learning World

We welcome to all of you on our non-profite organization blog page, we specially thanks to you for joining us, we also try our best to provide you quality education through live classes. As you already know weversity.org is a non-profit organization working for the needy people’s also for those who wanted to make their… Continue reading Welcome To WordPress Learning World

Update to WeVersity’s Computer Drive!!

WeVersity’s national computer drive distributes electronic resources to students without reliable internet or computer access. If you or your business are interested in contributing to our missions, here are some ways you can help! Find used computers in your house! If you own computers that are functioning but not in use, feel free to donate… Continue reading Update to WeVersity’s Computer Drive!!

Meet WeVersity’s Teachers

WeVersity’s coaches play an integral role in our site: they build our courses from the ground up and assist students through our tutoring service. So why not learn a little bit about them? This article highlights WeVersity’s four coaches and their contributions to our mission. Ryelle French is an achiever and non-profit enthusiast. Her primary… Continue reading Meet WeVersity’s Teachers

Three Ways to utilize WeVersity’s graphic design course!!

Are you interested in becoming a graphic designer? WeVersity’s graphic design course covers a variety of skills, ranging from digital editing to user research. This article highlights many jobs that demand skills taught at WeVersity. If any are of interest to you, visit our website and take part in our free course! This article highlights… Continue reading Three Ways to utilize WeVersity’s graphic design course!!

Ways To Utilize WeVersity’s Cooking Course!!

Have you ever considered a career in food preparation? Are you talented at cooking or customer service? Perhaps you’re interested in a position of leadership? If you agree to any of the aforementioned statements, WeVersity’s cooking course is the right fit for you! Our online cooking course offers a variety of resources, ranging from hygiene… Continue reading Ways To Utilize WeVersity’s Cooking Course!!

Writing Tips for Cover Letters and Resumes

Resumes and cover letters are your first impressions on potential employers. Competitive profiles pique the interest of employers, while dull or improperly written pieces drive companies away. Below are some tips on how to convert your talent and skill into an eye-catching profile.      So what does a great resume consist of? Indeed.com- the leading… Continue reading Writing Tips for Cover Letters and Resumes

Partnerships and the WeVersity Computer Drive!!

If you are a business owner or city representative, this is your opportunity to help those in need! WeVersity is currently looking for partners in our national computer drive. Many of our students struggle to find internet access, so providing a device that best suits their needs puts them one step closer toward education.  Here’s… Continue reading Partnerships and the WeVersity Computer Drive!!

WeVersity National Computer Drive

Resource inaccessibility is one of the greatest deterrents to education. As our world continues its shift from print to digital media, those that struggle to adapt inevitably fall behind. WeVersity’s dedication to teaching doesn’t stop at content creation- we want to provide computer access to individuals who need it most. Hence the start of our… Continue reading WeVersity National Computer Drive