Digital Coins & Tokens
Course Contents & Topics
Week 1: Basic Introduction of Digital Tokens and Coins (Assignment .)
Week 1: Concepts of Digital Tokens and Coins (Assignment .)
Week 1: Learn about Dogecoin (Assignment .)
Week 2: Learn about Ethereum (Assignment .)
Week 2: How to Invest in Cryptocurrency (Be careful you can loose money too so go slow) (Assignment .)
Week 2: How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies (Assignment .)
Week 3: How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies. (Assignment .)
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Digital Coins & Tokens

Think of digital tokens as a bartering tool (give something in exchange of getting something) that you can use as substitutes for cash There are many people and businesses who offer to pay or accept payments in the form of digital tokens. Digital tokens also go by the name “cryptocurrencies” as they are a type of crypto asset. They function as a medium of exchange. DO NOT INVEST ANY OF YOUR SHORT TERM FUNDS, EMERGENCY FUNDS ETC. IN ANY INVESTMENT. ALWAYS KEEP THE SHORT TERM FUNDS IN YOUR IMMEDIATE REACH AND CONTROL Please understand that you should very carefully choose to spend your money in investments. Investments are many times high-risk high reward, so be cautious when making decisions. is not responsible for any investment loss. We do not either support or advise on any financial aspect. This information is being provided to give equal rights to all the individuals in the world so they can get familiar on the new ways of investing and choose what is right for them. As a rule of thumb, only invest in those investments which you believe will produce good results on a long-term basis.

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Achieve the Following Objectives Through This Course

  • This course will talk about the digital tokens and currencies and will teach you on how to make money through digital currencies. Here are some main ways through which money can be made through digital tokens and coins but like any other investment or business, you have to be careful not to loose money as well. Investing. Investing is the long-term strategy of buying and holding crypto assets for some time. Trading. Staking and Lending. Crypto Social Media. Mining. Airdrops and Forks etc.

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