Virtual Companion (English)
Course Contents & Topics
Week 1: Topic 1 Introduction to Home Health Care. (Lecture .)
Week 1: Topic 2 Types of Home Health Care Services. (Lecture .)
Week 1: Topic 3 Role of Virtual companion in home health care. (Lecture .)
Week 1: Topic 4 Home Health Aide / Virtual Companion Job Responsibilities: (Lecture .)
Week 1: Topic 5 Qualities of Home Health Aides / Personal Care Aides / Virtual Companions. (Lecture .)
Week 2: Topic 6 The Concept of aging. (Lecture .)
Week 2: Topic 7 Mental Health of older adults. (Lecture .)
Week 2: Topic 8 Working with Patients with Alzheimer's Diseases. (Lecture .)
Week 2: Topic 09 How to Help a Patient Effectively Manage Stress. (Lecture .)
Week 2: Topic 10 Handling the Angry Patient​​​​​​​​ (Lecture .)
English - Work From Home
Virtual Companion (English)

Virtual companions work directly with one or more people via an Internet device. These companions help and entertain them in various aspects of their daily life through audio and video phone calls. Through talk, through stories, through newspapers, music, word exercises and religious activities so that people who are tired of living apart or suffer from some disease or physical disability even can live life according to their choice.

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Achieve the Following Objectives Through This Course

  • Why People need Virtual Companion? Virtual companion usually work for someone who needs your care and help to get rid of the fear of separation so that you can turn their life into happiness so that such people also enjoy social life. Benefits of Job as VC: Service to humanity. Satisfaction of heart Preaching the religion of Islam. The cause of compassion for the elderly and the disabled. Opportunities to spread smiles. Familiarity with the culture and values ​​of other countries. Use of modern technology. Attractive monthly salaries. Opportunity to work from home What Qualities should be there in a VC? When hiring a virtual campaign or personal assistant, often look for a man or woman who is literate. Proficient in speech and captivating others with his words Personally. The key is to have the right values ​​and skills to work

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