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Discussion Board - Virtual Companion (English)

This course is for people who want to become a personal assistant or a virtual companion or are already working as a virtual companion. This course provides further explanation of the characters. There is no doubt that this is a great job that gives you opportunities for social work as well as employment.
In this course you will be explained:
 How you can get this job?
 How do you avail this Opportunity? 
This course will also provide you with information on what to expect when you first start and what you can learn and develop. 
Virtual companions work directly with one or more people via an Internet device. These companions help and entertain them in various aspects of their daily life through audio and video phone calls. Through talk, through stories, through newspapers, music, word exercises and religious activities so that people who are tired of living apart or suffer from some disease or physical disability even  can live life according to their choice. 

Virtual companion usually work for someone who needs your care and help to get rid of the fear of separation so that you can turn their life into happiness so that such people also enjoy social life.
•Serve to humanity
• Satisfaction of heart & Preaching the religion of Islam
• The cause of compassion for the elderly and the disabled.
• Opportunities to spread smiles.
• Familiarity with the culture and values ​​of other countries
• Use of modern technology.
• Attractive monthly salaries.
• Opportunity to work from home 
When hiring a virtual companion or personal assistant, often look for a man or woman who is literate. Proficient in speech and captivating others with his words Personally. The key is to have the right values ​​and skills to work.

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1.Help people with disabilities, illness and separation to live the way they enjoy life and what they choose for themselves.
2. I want to help others to make a real difference in my life.
3.I am proud to work for such people personally or in collaboration with other assistants.
4. Have the ability to build a strong, trusting relationship with your employer.
5. Understand that they are friends, not employee.
Keep in mind that people with disabilities do not direct or track work, but the employer does.
1. Flexibility
2. Responsible and Trustworthy
3.Ability to communicate with love
4. Accepting the challenges faced by the disabled and the sick.
5. Respectful
6.Reference and determinant

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