How to Find a Job that Matches your Interests!!

Entering the workforce can be a taxing process, but finding a job that you enjoy can be even more difficult! One of the easiest ways to minimize stress and fatigue at work is to ensure your occupation reflects your interests. Below is a list of common interests and *what jobs correspond*. You can also take this brief quiz to find your ideal occupation!

Realistic people tend to…

  • Be assertive and competitive
  • Enjoy hands-on work
  • Think practically
  • Prefer working outside
  • interested in activities that require motor coordination, skill and strength.

As a result, realistic people typically find work as woodworkers, welders, operators, tenders, botanists, security guards, technicians, repairers, textile engineers, pipelayers, potters, physicists, pest controllers, orthotics, manufacturing engineers, machinists, jewelers, electricians, carpenters, firefighters, foresters, chefs, bricklayers, aviation inspectors, athletic trainers, audio & visual technicians, and aerospace technicians. 

Investigative people tend to…

  • Prefer analytical work over physical work
  • Solve complex problems
  • Work with data and logic
  • Conduct research and experiments

As a result, investigative people tend to find work as: aerospace engineers, biostatisticians, chemical engineers, dermatologists, economists, food scientists, geoscientists, hydrologists, industrial engineers, logging equipment operators, mathematicians, microbiologists, millwrights, network system administrators, OB/GYNs, paralegals, riggers, sociologists, urban planners, vets, and web developers.

Artistic people tend to…

  • Be innovative
  • Prefer creative freedom in work
  • Think outside the box
  • See things from multiple perspectives

As a result, artistic people typically find work as: actors, biophysicists, choreographers, desktop publishers, education teachers, foreign language teachers, graphic designers, hairdressers, interior designers, jewellers, landscape architects, mental health counselors, journalists, potters, recreational therapists, sewers, tailors, urban planners, and video game designers

Social people tend to…

  • Be talkative and extroverted
  • Help others whenever they can
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Give advice and share opinions often

As a result, social people typically find work as: care nurses, animal control workers, business teachers, childcare workers, dieticians, elementary school teachers, foresters, genetic counselors, home health aides, law teachers, lawyers, therapists, midwives, nurse practitioners, park naturalists, physicians, rehabilitation counselors, pathologists, tutors, and veterinarians. 

Enterprisers tend to…

  • Naturally lead others
  • Persuade others easily
  • Enjoy making decisions
  • Have an interest in owning, maintaining, and starting businesses

As a result, enterprisers typically find work as: administrative law judges, adjudicators, air traffic controllers, bartenders, business teachers, clergy, clinical nurse, industrial ecologists, judges, magistrates, insurance sales agents, lawyers, logisticians, marketing managers, opticians, police officers, real estate brokers, sales managers, telemarketers, urban planners, and writers.

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