Ways To Utilize WeVersity’s Cooking Course!!

Have you ever considered a career in food preparation? Are you talented at cooking or customer service? Perhaps you’re interested in a position of leadership? If you agree to any of the aforementioned statements, WeVersity’s cooking course is the right fit for you! Our online cooking course offers a variety of resources, ranging from hygiene to customer service! This article offers five professions that utilize skills taught in our free course. 

1. Executive Chef

Starting salary: $64,889 per year

Executive chefs (also known as head chefs) oversee the kitchen staff and monitor food quality. The size of the kitchen can range from a small restaurant to an industrial-sized production center. Still, executive chefs are always tasked with ensuring chefs prepare food as efficiently as possible. WeVersity’s online cooking course introduces students to the basics of food safety and hygiene, all in addition to our wide variety of interactive cooking lessons!

2. Line Cook

Starting salary: $13.38 per hour

Instead of monitoring the entire kitchen like a chef manager, line cooks hone in on a specific part of the food preparation process. Cooks are typically assigned a task such as sauteing or grilling, and this task is repeated for the entire duration of their workday. WeVersity’s cooking course offers the basics of time management and kitchen cooperation- two skills line cooks should have in their arsenal!

3. Butcher

Starting salary: $14.10 per hour

Butchers help portion large quantities of meat into consumer-friendly sizes. This job consists of multiple tasks, such as cutting, trimming, packaging, and cooking. Depending on the work environment, butchers may also be responsible for tracking inventory and interacting with customers. Some establishments require a team of butchers. WeVersity’s course introduces kitchen hygiene and food safety topics- two skills that ensure you’ll meet customers’ every demand!

4. Banquet Cook

Starting salary: $14.43/ per hour

Banquet cooks prepare and serve food for events, particularly weddings and parties. In some cases, these cooks aid in reception hall setup and takedown. WeVersity’s cooking course provides the basics of time management and food safety, all in addition to a variety of delicious recipes! The skillset required varies from establishment to establishment, but this job requires a mix of food preparation and customer service.

5. Baker

Starting salary: $12.14 per hour

Bakers specialize in preparing and serving baked goods. Post-secondary education isn’t required for entry-level bakers, but most professionals own an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in food science. Depending on the establishment, this job may require interacting with customers and working a registry. WeVersity teaches the basics of food preparation and kitchen safety.
If a career in food preparation interests you, WeVersity’s free online course should be your first step! For questions or comments, feel free to email us at admin@weversity.org.

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