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Master Credential Certification Programs are designed to help learners gain both educational and professional experience, preparing them for today’s job market. All Master Credential Certification Programs are three (3) months long and upon completion of the educational program, students receive conditional certification. Successful students are required to complete a minimum of three (3) months of internship with any local or international organization and upon completion, students are granted full accreditation from WeVersity.org.

  • WeVersity offers a range of skill-based education programs in multiple fields.
  • We carefully select only those programs where students can learn the necessary skills within a three-month time frame and can easily find employment and internships.
  • Our goal is to prepare students to start earning through their certification programs within six months or less.

All students are required to complete English Communication, Freelancing & Career Services, and Digital Age Life Skills courses along with their choice of the certification program.

Live Lectures

Learn from interactive and highly engaging live lectures from qualified instructors

Recorded Videos & Content

Learn from on-demand videos, content, and activities on each program and course

Feynman Submissions

Learn using the Feynman Technique and send daily submissions for review

Industry Case Studies

Perform industry and commercial case studies and exercises

Mid-Term & Final Exams

Take daily quizzes, weekly assessments, mid-term and final exam on each course

GitHub Portfolio

Build your GitHub portfolio to share with your future employers


At www.WeVersity.org, we understand the need for a coach who can properly guide individuals by understanding their backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses and providing encouragement during training. Our goal is to not only educate but to inspire and encourage each student to perform their best.

Every student at WeVersity is connected with a professional and successful coach. Your coach is your guiding star and is there to help you navigate through the entire program. Your coach can help you with most ofyour professional queries and provide a second opinion on all your questions related to your career.

Daily Coaching Videos

Watch inspiring daily videos from your coach

Coach WhatsApp Group

Join your coach WhatsApp group and be connected 24/7 with your group

Ask Your Coach

Message your coach or ask questions through our coaching platform


Employment Help

Students need to perform a minimum of three (3) months of internship either paid or unpaid to qualify to get the final WeVersity Master Credential Certification. WeVersity will provide HR assistance to all successful students to help them find an internship. Students are allowed to find and perform this internship with any registered local or international organization of their choice.

Guaranteed Placement on WeJob.org

All successful students who complete their skill-based education program within three months and pass their final test are given a conditional certification that also qualifies them to offer their services on WeVersity’s employment website WeJob.org. Only those students who are qualified and have completed the basic requirements of WeVersity are eligible to work on WeJob.org.


We are a nonprofit organization and exist to help people learn skill-based education and start earning in a short period of time. WeVersity.org’s mission is to empower individuals by providing them with effective skill-based education, training, and coaching and by connecting them with potential employers. We provide guaranteed scholarships to need-based and talented individuals.

Coaches & Volunteers – We Need Coaches, Content Creators & Volunteers

Coaches & Volunteers

Become a Guiding Star for Others. Use Your Experience and Knowledge to Help Others. Simply Review Their Resumes, Recommend Them Courses, and Encourage Them to Accomplish Tasks.

Use Your Knowledge and Skills to Create Courses On WeVersity.org.

Teachers, Schools & Districts

Use our free courses and content to help your students. We are the only website that has integrated the Feynman technique of learning so users can learn from the content, coaches, and as well as from submissions of other students as well.

Implement WeVersity.org in your schools and districts absolutely free of charge. To get more information, please contact us today.

Popular Coaches

Free coaching from the successful professionals from around the world. These coaches will guide you throughout the process and will help you in finishing training. These coaches will also assist you in finding employment and will act as your counselors to help you with any professional challenges.

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