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If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path “Buddah”. Do you know any skill which you can teach or share with others that can help them earn money? Sign up on our site as coach and we will create a dedicated page for your skill. Simply enter some information about the skill, record & upload few videos teaching that skill and chat with students 1 hour a week. Build your brand and portfolio as well as earn money through our site for years to come.

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We need coaches to assist students. No prior experience is required. Just use your knowledge to help others by guiding them to success

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Teachers & Online Courses

Are you a professional or teacher who can develop or give us your online courses? Use your knowledge and work for years to come and help millions of people.


We need volunteers to help us with programming, digital marketing, administrative, social media management etc. Please email us to get started with as little as couple of hours a week.


Education is the root solution for all the problems. Help us make this platform successful by empowering deserving people from around the world with 100% free education and training

Popular Courses

Free training and courses. Once your application is submitted, a coach will review your resume and will identify the best career path after evaluating your skills and future goals along with you. Our training courses consist of free resources available on the web as well as individualized material created by our teachers.

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Popular Coaches

Free coaching from the successful professionals from around the world. These coaches will guide you throughout the process and will help you in finishing training. These coaches will also assist you in finding employment and will act as your counselors to help you with any professional challenges.

Principal Pakistan Division
Computer Networking Online Teacher
Online Teacher
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