Our Stroy




Education that enables to earn and elevates individuals is the root solution for almost all the problems. WeVersity.org purpose is to provide free education, coaching, and employment to all the people in need.

It is important to address the symptoms and it is very encouraging that thousands of charities are trying to focus on those symptoms such as poverty, education, health etc. but WeVersity.org wants to focus on the root cause of all the problems. The goal of WeVersity.org is to provide free education with personal coaching and training to less fortunate people and provide them employment so these people can start earning and be able to live happily.

We believe Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, and Mahatma Gandhi all three above are correct; Education is the best tool to change the world and improve lives. Our organization will provide that education along with coaching and training which will enhance the lives of millions of people and will help them earn living respectfully.