What Is The Weversity.Org’s Master Credential Certification Program?


The WeVersity credential certification master programs are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of aspecific skill as well as practical training to those individuals who want to learn to earn. Having a credentialcertification in a particular skill not only proves competency and understanding of that skill but also demonstrates a person’s ability and competence to perform his or her job duties.

A Versatile & Comprehensive Program:


WeVersity offers a comprehensive credential certification master program that consists of multiple courses and skills to not only enhance your knowledge of a particular skill but also to make you successful both at professional and personal levels. All members of the WeVersity credential certification master programs are required to not only learn the skill in their respective fields but also learn other skills required to better perform in today’s job market.


Digital Age Life & Personal Skills Course:


All members are required to take a 12-week course along with their area of expertise. This detailed course is designed to address many of the digital life age skills that are mandatory for employees as well as employers. Our goal is to not only train you in your skill but to make you successful for your future jobs and projects. This course will enlighten your digital age and professional skills and will give you the confidence to successfully handle any work or personal challenges. We will teach you not only the technical skills but also many other skills that are mandatory for today’s work force.


Key Highlights

Learn from I.T. Experts10+ Hours of self-paced learning

10+ projects 

3 Months of applied learning 

50+ Live sessions across the 3 months 

Flexible Schedule

Mentor Support 

Intermediate Level 


Graphic Designing at Weversity.org Overview

WeVersity is a leading online learning platform that provides a comprehensive graphic design course. Thiscourse is designed for beginners who want to learn about the fundamentals of design and gain hands-onexperience in designing.

The graphic design course offered by WeVersity covers a wide range of topics, including Adobe Illustrator,adobe Photoshop, and Canva.. 

What Topics Are Covered in This Course?

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Illustrations
  • Tracing
  • Logo Designing
  • Social Post Designing
  • Business Cards Designing
  • Photo Editing
  • Thumbnails Designs
  • Complete Canva

Who Should Apply for The Graphic Design Course?



What Roles Does a Graphic Designing Professional Play?