Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan focuses on the following segments:


Our organization needs partners to help us achieve our mission. We need partners in all the following areas. Please email us at for your interest and being part of our great mission.

Employers and People Who Can Provide Jobs:

Our goal is to market to the companies and institutions that can help connect individuals who have completed training on WeVersity to relevant work opportunities with the understanding that employers are not only getting beneficial work done for them but also providing life changing opportunities to these individuals.

Coaches & Trainers:

We want to hire coaches and trainers from all over the world who have been successful in their own lives and have experience in their respective fields. We want coaches of all ages but will focus on those mentors who may have retired and who have the experience and extra time and desire to give back to society and help transform the lives of others. As we are a worldwide organization, we want to have coaches with diverse backgrounds so that they can easily communicate and associate themselves with students and can train them better.

People with Needs:

We want to have students from all over the world who are willing to change their lives by learning something which can help them start earning within months. Our goal is to market to these people and make them aware that our website exists through multiple local marketing sources such as newspapers, online, mobile marketing etc.

Donors & Revenue Stream:

Our goal is to operate financially independently but the help of donors can assist us in reaching our goals. Our goal is not to focus on traditional donors but to form lasting partnerships and advertising opportunities from the companies that will benefit from our website and to create revenue streams from them. If you would like to help us with our mission in any way possible, please email us