Our Mission

  • Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to educate individuals with the education and coaching that will help them start earning within a couple of months and by working from the comfort of their own homes within a couple of months by working from the comfort of their home.


  • Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to all those individual who are unable to find jobs and work and provide them the education, training, and coaching which will allow them to start earning money immediately and live happily. 


  • Plan to Achieve Mission:

We want to achieve our mission in the following phases:


Phase 1:

Our goal is to focus on the following people who are unable to work outside their homes and are unable to earn a decent living:


  1. People with prior traditional education who are unable to find jobs for any reason e.g. overqualified, seniors, no means to find a job, constantly turned down etc. 


  1. People, especially women, who are unable to work outside e.g. moms with kids, taking care of a sick family member, cannot work outside the home because of cultural reasons, unable to find jobs because of lack of diversity or acceptance etc. 


  1. People with disabilities who are unable to work from outside their homes. 


  1. People want to start a new life after any addiction recovery, people from shelters, rehabs etc. 


  1. People living in remote areas or in almost all third world countries where it is extremely difficult to get a traditional job as there are no jobs. More than half the population of the world lives in areas where people are unable to find work, either because there are no jobs or getting a job is extremely difficult as a result of too many applicants and too few jobs.


Our goal is to provide all of the people who may fit the above criteria with education, one-on-one training, and coaching so that employment is at their doorstep.


There are many sites that offer online learning & employment but very few people take advantage of them. Most of these sites are paid for and most people going through crises don’t have the resources or proper guidance to know what first step to take. At WeVersity, we understand the need for a coach who can properly guide individuals by understanding their backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses and to provide encouragement during training. These mentors can help people during the initial phases of getting a job. Our website will connect people going through crises with coaches from the same backgrounds so these coaches can better communicate with them and help individuals become the most successful they can be. Here is the complete cycle of our project:


People in need and coaches will apply through WeVersity.org website. WeVersity.org will have the following three sections:

  1. A section where coaches and people can apply 

  2. Education section; similar to online learning sites, where people can take free courses.

  3. Employment section; similar to freelancing sites, where people can get employment. 


WeVersity.org will review their profile and background e.g. their native languages etc. and will connect them with coaches. 


Coaches will review an individual’s profile and will interview the person to understand his or her weaknesses and strengths. After proper understanding and discussions, coaches will guide individuals on what could be the ultimate job opportunity for them and what courses or training this person should go through to achieve that. Coaches will create a course plan and schedule and will ensure that person finishes these courses on WeVersity.org website (if we don’t have that course, on any other website). 


The individual will complete the training and courses as suggested by the coaches. Coaches will ensure that the individual is ready for employment. 


The individual will upload their work profile including their strengths, courses, and training details on WeVersity.org employment website and will be ready for work. WeVersity.org will have a similar site like Guru.com or Fiverr.com where employers and people with work can hire these individuals. WeVersity.org will also encourage them to post their profiles to all the freelancing sites where they can get work.


People will be able to make money from the comfort of their homes and will become productive and successful members of their family and society.



  • Work Categories for Phase 1

Our work categories will consist of the following:

  • Easy to learn

  • Can be done remotely


Here are some examples of courses and jobs. Our goal is to provide individuals with education, coaching, and training so that they can either get jobs through our website or through any other platform on the web, even from their own local sources:


Graphic Design

Logo, game art, UI & UX, streamers, storyboards, web & mobile, wireframes, social media designs, postcards, catalogs, menu, business products, invitations, portraits, cartoons, caricatures, comics, business cards, resume, vector tracing, stationery, illustrations, commercial & business patterns, posters, flyers, book design & layout, albums, covers, packaging, fashion, tattoos, signage, web banners, Photoshop editing, architecture, landscape, buildings, landscaping, character modeling, trade booth, T-shirts and clothing designs, 3D, jewelry, presentations, infographics, car and automotive

Writing & Translations

General / Other Writing, Translation, Articles & News, Editing & Proofreading, Web Content, Industry Specific Expertise, Books, Research,    Copywriting, Academic, Transcription, Scripts / Speeches / Storyboards,   Technical, Reviews & Testimonials, Songs & Poems, Jobs / Resumes,   Grants & Proposals, Instructional Design / E-learning, Concepts / Ideas / Direction


Web Development & Design, Programming & Software, Apps & Mobile,    Database Design & Administration, Networking, Hardware & System Admin, Math / Algorithms / Analytics, Web / Digital Marketing    Management / Leadership / Training, QA & Testing, Information Security,   ERP / CRM / SCM, Technical Support, Concepts / Ideas / Documentation, Game Development, Telephony / Telecommunications, SAP, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), software training etc.


Data Entry, Microsoft Office Software, Word Processing & Typing, Personal / Virtual Assistance, Spreadsheets & Data Manipulation, Customer Service,

Web Research & Posting, Presentation Design, Bookkeeping & Finance, Email / Chat / Conferencing, Transcription, Planning & Scheduling, Health & Medical

Mailings & Lists, Legal Assistance


The above are just some examples as there are hundreds of other categories and sub-categories including audio, sales & marketing, business & finance, light engineering, counseling, tutoring, legal support, education, speech, assistance etc. which can all be taught very easily and quickly. 


Phase 2:

Our phase 2 will be to integrate with local companies and organizations and provide education, training and coaching to less fortunate people living around those companies and organizations so these people can easily find jobs in their local areas, for example Home Depot looking for trained customer service reps with knowledge of electric products or plumbing products etc.


  • Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan focuses on the following segments:



Our organization needs partners to help us achieve our mission. We need partners in all the following areas. Please email us at admin@weversity.org for your interest and being part of our great mission.


Employers and People Who Can Provide Jobs:

Our goal is to market to the companies and institutions that can help connect individuals who have completed training on WeVersity to relevant work opportunities with the understanding that employers are not only getting beneficial work done for them but also providing life changing opportunities to these individuals.


Coaches & Trainers:

We want to hire coaches and trainers from all over the world who have been successful in their own lives and have experience in their respective fields. We want coaches of all ages but will focus on those mentors who may have retired and who have the experience and extra time and desire to give back to society and help transform the lives of others. As we are a worldwide organization, we want to have coaches with diverse backgrounds so that they can easily communicate and associate themselves with students and can train them better.


People with Needs:

We want to have students from all over the world who are willing to change their lives by learning something which can help them start earning within months. Our goal is to market to these people and make them aware that our website exists through multiple local marketing sources such as newspapers, online, mobile marketing etc. 


Donors & Revenue Stream:

Our goal is to operate financially independently but the help of donors can assist us in reaching our goals. Our goal is not to focus on traditional donors but to form lasting partnerships and advertising opportunities from the companies that will benefit from our website and to create revenue streams from them. If you would like to help us with our mission in any way possible, please email us.