Uzair Niazi

Digital Marketing Coach

Uzair Niazi (he/him) is a distinguished Digital Marketer with a proven track record of working with major brands in Pakistan, USA, and UK. With a focus on coaching and consultancy,

Educational Backgroud:

In 2021, he earned a Nanodegree in Digital Marketing from Udacity. Most of my skills and learnings come from self-study and online courses

Professional Backgroud:

Additionally, Uzair has an impressive background in Model United Nations (MUN), having participated in and chaired 34 debating competitions from 2018 to 2022. He showcases his passion for debate by writing insightful blogs and newsletters on the subject.


He is the Top 1% Email Marketer vetted by Mayple (Only one in Pakistan) and he was the Founding Partner of Mayaar managing 50+ employees in Pakistan and the Philippines overlooking the entire business process from Outreach to Fulfillment.


Uzair has freelanced for 100+ clients all over the globe. He has also worked with various employers and has recommendation letters and testimonies from his employers and clients.


Language: English