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Shahbaz Aslam

Programming & Development Education Expert Hi, everyone it's me Shahbaz Aslam serving as an Educational Director ( Principal ) in Pakistan Region at WeVersity.org. I completed my master's degree in computer science from Comsats University Islamabad also completed my specialization in Software Engineering. Further, my specializations are in Clout Native Computing, MERN Stack Development, WordPress Development, and Digital Marketing.

Educational Backgroud: Master Degree in Software Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Education. Specializations are in web development such as MERN Stack Development, JAMstack Development, WordPress Development, Cloud Native Computing, and also Digital Marketing.

Professional Backgroud: I have 7 years of experience in administration in the education department, also served as head instructor, and also worked as H.O.D in the I.T department. I also have up to 2 years of experience in web development, my expertise are in MERN Stack Development, WordPress Development, JAMstack's Development, Cloud Native Computing, and 1-year of experience in Digital Marketing.

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